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Int. J. of Information Technology and Management


Special Issue on: “Business Process Management: from Engineering to Execution”


Guest Editor: Associate Professor Angel Ortiz, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain


Business processes are common and well-known words in the scientific and enterprise arena. More that a decade ago, papers and books launched a new business processes era. Many enterprises set up projects dealing with business process re-engineering and business process improvement. In general, these projects covered changes in the way to do activities supported by IT systems and partial organisational changes. After intensive use and dissemination of these projects, businesses processes moved to a sceptical period. A number of studies reported pitfalls and limited results. Today, we can state that the business process approaches in the earlier 90s were myopic in some assumptions. However, we must be grateful to them, because they initiated the path to a process-driven scenario.


One of the main problems in the business processes initiatives was to consider technologies and people as enablers instead of an inseparable part of business processes. Additionally, they had a narrow perception of the business processes’ life cycle that usually was very focused in the identification and design phases.


The big change in the last few years has been to consider the end-to-end business processes life-cycle from engineering to execution, and to understand the importance of business processes as the element that brings together functionality, people and technologies to reach strategic objectives.


Nowadays, at least two exciting challenges are emerging in the business processes domain: on the one hand, the connection between business processes engineering and execution phases in a bidirectional way; on the other, companies need to work in a process-oriented way, which means different front-ends. New front-ends must be process oriented and not information systems oriented. That means they must overcome current interoperability problems at different levels, between processes, information and data, and new human-machine-software interfaces.


This special issue aims to attract high quality papers covering current research and practice in the field of business processes as a key point to improve enterprise agility and why not to change the way of working.


Subject Coverage


Key issues include but are not limited to:

  • Business process modelling
  • Business process interoperability in centralised and networked enterprises
  • Business process architectures and reference models
  • Service and process conversation
  • Process-based service integration
  • Business process performance
  • Quality of service in business processes
  • Business process intelligence
  • Formal models in business process management
  • Process configuration and assembly
  • Business process execution
  • Process-enhanced groupware


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