Int. J. of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms   »   2018 Vol.11, No.1/2



Title: Pedagogical agility and agile methodologies in computer system development education


Author: Roy I. Morien


Address: Naresuan University Language Centre, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand


Abstract: Two propositions are stated regarding 'agility' in the education process. First, what is known as agile software development should be given primacy in college and university courses in computer systems development. The second proposition is that concepts of 'organisational agility' should be adopted under the heading of agile education, to better reflect the continuous, dynamic and revolutionary and disruptive changes in the computer industry which have had widespread implications in world economies and many industries. Curriculum decision making, teaching and learning practices, and outcomes assessment approaches in colleges and universities have not kept pace, and the concept of agile education is proposed as the solution.


Keywords: agile development; agile adoption; organisational agility; lean education; agile education; student self-assessment; project-based learning; teacher-based research.


DOI: 10.1504/IJAIP.2018.092943


Int. J. of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, 2018 Vol.11, No.1/2, pp.19 - 32


Available online: 30 May 2018



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