Int. J. of Risk Assessment and Management   »   2018 Vol.21, No.1/2



Title: Top-economics: management of socioeconomic safety


Author: Eugene Solozhentsev


Address: Laboratory of Intelligent Integrated Systems of Computer-Aided Design, Institute of Problems on Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences, Bolshoi 61, V.O., Saint-Petersburg, 199178, Russia


Abstract: This paper suggests and develops a new scientific discipline 'top-economics' and introduces invalidity in economy by analogy with failure in reliability in engineering. We adduce definitions of top-economics and invalidity in economics. We call advantages and features of top-economics. The paper describes the components of top-economics: methods, models, technologies, problems, objects and special software. New types of Boolean events-propositions are introduced and new types of logical and probabilistic risk models for management of socioeconomic safety of social and economic systems are proposed. The synthesis method of events probabilities in logical and probabilistic risk models is discussed. An example of managing of socioeconomic safety in Russia is provided. It illustrates the methods of risk analysis and management, as well as the management of the economic war with sanctions.


Keywords: top-economics; management; socio-economic safety; events-propositions; logic; probability; hybrid; conceptual; indicative; invalidity risk model; social and economic systems; SES.


DOI: 10.1504/IJRAM.2018.090255


Int. J. of Risk Assessment and Management, 2018 Vol.21, No.1/2, pp.65 - 88


Available online: 06 Mar 2018



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