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Title: PRE+: dual of proxy re-encryption for secure cloud data sharing service


Authors: Xu An Wang; Fatos Xhafa; Jianfeng Ma; Leonard Barolli; Yunlong Ge


School of Telecommunications Engineering, Xidian University, Xi'an, P. R. China; State Key Laboratory of Cryptographic Science and Technology, Beijing, P. R. China; Department of Electronic Technology, Key Laboratory of Information and Network Security, Engineering University of Chinese Armed Police Force, Xi'an, P. R. China
Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
School of Cyber Engineering, Xidian University, Xi'an, P. R. China
Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan
Department of Electronic Technology, Officer College of Chinese Armed Police Force, Chengdu, P. R. China.


Abstract: In this paper, aiming at providing secure cloud data sharing services in cloud storage, we propose a scalable and controllable cloud data sharing framework for cloud users: Scanf. Towards proposing this framework, we introduce a new cryptographic primitive: PRE+, which can be seen as the dual of traditional proxy re-encryption (PRE) primitive. All the traditional PRE schemes until now require the delegator (or the delegator and the delegatee cooperatively) to generate the re-encryption keys. We observe that the encrypter also has the ability to generate re-encryption keys. Based on this observation, we construct a new PRE+ scheme, which is almost the same as the traditional PRE except the re-encryption keys generated by the encrypter. Compared with PRE, PRE+ can easily achieve the non-transferable property and message-level-based fine-grained delegation. Our Scanf framework based on PRE+ can also achieve these two properties, which is very important for cloud storage sharing service.


Keywords: dual of proxy re-encryption; message-level-based fine-grained delegation; non-transferable property; secure cloud data sharing service.


DOI: 10.1504/IJWGS.2018.088394


Int. J. of Web and Grid Services, 2018 Vol.14, No.1, pp.44 - 69


Available online: 05 Dec 2017



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