Int. J. of Nuclear Energy Science and Technology   »   2017 Vol.11, No.1



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Title: Application of particle accelerators for the experimental measurement of relativity of simultaneity


Author: A. Sfarti


Address: University of California Berkeley, 387 Soda Hall, Berkeley, CA, USA


Abstract: The subject of relativity of simultaneity appears very early in textbooks as well as in various forms in papers dedicated to teaching relativity. Unfortunately, no experiment has been possible to date due to the fact that the predicted effects are very small. In the current paper, we describe the experimental set-up for a direct measurement of relativity of simultaneity, a relativistic property that has eluded so far experimental verification. We show how modern technology, in combination with the theory advanced by our paper, makes this experiment feasible.


Keywords: relativity of simultaneity; general Lorentz transforms; uniformly rotating frames.


DOI: 10.1504/IJNEST.2017.10005996


Int. J. of Nuclear Energy Science and Technology, 2017 Vol.11, No.1, pp.72 - 79


Submission date: 01 Aug 2016
Date of acceptance: 24 Mar 2017
Available online: 01 Jul 2017



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