European J. of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management   »   2017 Vol.4, No.3/4



Title: Fabric of counter-narratives: agency and ventriloquism


Author: Marianne Wolff Lundholt


Address: Department of Design and Communication, University of Southern Denmark, Universitetsparken 1, Kolding 6000, Denmark


Abstract: This contribution focuses on the fabric of master and counter-narratives by drawing special attention to CCO theory (Communication as Constitutive of the Organisation), as this has proven to be an important contribution to its theorisation. This contribution seeks to elaborate some of the observations and key terms in order to illustrate their potential as analytical tools, in particular the terms 'agency' and 'ventriloquism'. To unfold some of the counter-mechanisms, the contribution will use examples from the discourse that emerge from what has been referred to as the 'white saviour complex'.


Keywords: agency and ventriloquism; communication as constitutive of the organisation; counter-narrative; master narrative.


DOI: 10.1504/EJCCM.2017.10005306


European J. of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, 2017 Vol.4, No.3/4, pp.316 - 325


Date of acceptance: 16 Nov 2016
Available online: 12 Jun 2017



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