Int. J. of Computational Vision and Robotics   »   2017 Vol.7, No.3



Title: A simulation of multiple grouping movements for pedestrians


Authors: Jae Moon Lee; Seongdong Kim


Department of Multimedia Engineering, Hansung University, 389, Samsundong, 2Ga, Sungbukgu, Seoul, Korea
Department of Game Media, Kaywon University of Art and Design, Euiwang, 437-712, South Korea


Abstract: Simulations of pedestrians have been widely studied to fields of many applications such as computer games and designs of roads. While the existing simulations were researched for individual movements, this paper was studied and depicted efficiently for group movements as a group was abstracted to a big individual. Then, this paper proposed an individual as a leader in a group, and then remaining individuals were considered as the followers of the leader. The leader was abstracted as the big individual and the followers moved along the leader. To show the correctness of the proposed steering forces for grouping pedestrians, the experiments were conducted on condition of natural formation. The experiments showed that the proposed method had represented a normal phenomenon in real movements of pedestrians.


Keywords: information technology; simulation; agents; pedestrians; grouping; neighbours; collision avoidance; multiple group movements; leader; followers; group formation; multi-agent systems; agent-based systems; modelling.


DOI: 10.1504/IJCVR.2017.10004036


Int. J. of Computational Vision and Robotics, 2017 Vol.7, No.3, pp.276 - 284


Available online: 30 Mar 2017



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