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Title: Brand personality and behavioural intention after rebranding: application to the Tunisian telecommunication sector


Authors: Faouzia Mida; Afef Ben Youssef Zghidi; Imed Zaiem


Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences of Tunis, 4, Rue Abou Zakaria El Hafsi – 1089 Montfleury, Tunisia
Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Communications of Tunis, Technopole el Gazala, Route de Raoued – km 3.5, 2083, Ariana, Tunisia
Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of Nabeul, Campus Universitaire, Mrezga, Route Hammamet, 8000 Nabeul, Tunisia


Abstract: Developing successful rebranding strategies allows the companies to remain competitive and to realise their objectives. Yet in spite of being widely used in the market, there has been little research on the rebranding concept compared with the literature that has been elaborated on the brand concept. On the empirical level, a little interest has been given to the evaluation of consumer perceptions which is why the present research focuses on studying the impact of attitude towards rebranding on both brand personality and behavioural intention. An empirical study has been conducted on Tunisiana (a private telecommunication operator) following the disappearance of the trademark in favour of Ooredoo. Data collection has been conducted two months after the rebranding announcement on a sample of 180 consumers. The results of the study have shown the positive influence of attitude towards rebranding on brand personality and on behavioural intention. The study has particularly shown the positive influence of brand personality on behavioural intention especially in dimensions related to femininity, dynamism and strength.


Keywords: rebranding strategies; brand personality; behavioural intention; moderating effects; Tunisia; telecommunications industry; consumer perceptions; customer attitudes; femininity; dynamism; strength.


DOI: 10.1504/EMJM.2016.078831


EuroMed J. of Management, 2016 Vol.1, No.2, pp.106 - 122


Submission date: 05 Aug 2015
Date of acceptance: 28 Aug 2015
Available online: 26 Aug 2016



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