Electronic Government, an Int. J.   »   2016 Vol.12, No.3



Title: E-government website security concerns and citizens' adoption


Authors: Izzat Alsmadi; Emad Abu-Shanab


CIS Department, Yarmouk University, 21163, Jordan
MIS Department, Yarmouk University, 21163, Jordan


Abstract: E-government websites are national websites that handle transactions between governments, citizens and businesses. They involve financial and informational transactions that are crucial and influence the level of trust between citizens and governments. This study utilised Rapid7 security and penetration testing tools to explore the vulnerabilities and exploits of major e-government websites in Jordan. Results indicated that most explored websites suffered from the existence of vulnerabilities open for possible attacks. In addition, all types of exploits and vulnerabilities exist within a short list of websites.


Keywords: website security; e-government websites; vulnerabilities; exploits; Jordan; electronic government; technology adoption; trust; citizen adoption.


DOI: 10.1504/EG.2016.078417


Electronic Government, an Int. J., 2016 Vol.12, No.3, pp.243 - 255


Submission date: 15 Jul 2015
Date of acceptance: 12 Mar 2016
Available online: 04 Aug 2016



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