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Title: Assessment of multilevel inverter using embedded and digital controller for various loads


Authors: C.R. Balamurugan; S.P. Natarajan


Department of EEE, Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai, India
Department of EIE, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, India


Abstract: This paper presents a new symmetrical multilevel inverter based on seven-level inverter by using non-pwm technique. In embedded controller, codings are written for the generation of pulse. Codings are composed by switching states. Embedded switching scheme is used to meliorate the functioning of the multi level inverter. While in digital controller logic gates and flip flop are used to generate pulses. This proposed topology produces seven-level inverters which are nearer to the sinusoidal wave. The switching scheme reduces the THD, switching loss and increase output level FFT analysis and output result of the inverter with R-load, RL load and induction motor has been analysed by using MATLAB/Simulink.


Keywords: symmetrical multilevel inverters; digital controllers; total harmonic distortion; THD; embedded controllers; non-PWM; pulse width modulation; switching states; logic gates; flip flop; simulation; controller design.


DOI: 10.1504/IJETP.2015.073801


Int. J. of Energy Technology and Policy, 2015 Vol.11, No.3, pp.274 - 293


Submission date: 09 May 2015
Date of acceptance: 26 Jun 2015
Available online: 22 Dec 2015



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