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Title: Maximum entropy analysis of bulk arrival retrial queue with second optional service and Bernoulli vacation


Authors: Madhu Jain; Richa Sharma; G.C. Sharma


Department of Mathematics, IIT, Roorkee-247667, India
Department of Mathematics, JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur-302026, India
Department of Mathematics, I.B.S., Khandari, Agra-282002, India


Abstract: This paper deals with the maximum entropy principle (MEP) to explore the steady state behaviour of the bulk arrival retrial queuing system. The concepts of Bernoulli vacation schedule and second optional service are taken into consideration. After the completion of first essential service (second optional service), the server has an option to go for vacation with probability p(q) or may continue to serve the next customer, if any with complementary probability. During vacation, the server is allowed to do some secondary work and is called on working vacation. By introducing supplementary variables and using generating function technique, we obtain the expected number of the customers and expected waiting time of the customers in the retrial group. By employing the maximum entropy approach, we derive various system performance measures. By taking the numerical illustrations we perform a comparative study between the exact waiting time and the approximate waiting time based on MEP analysis. The sensitivity analysis is also carried out to validate the analytical results.


Keywords: bulk arrival; retrial queues; state dependent rate; supplementary variables; generating function; maximum entropy; queue size; waiting time; optional services; Bernoulli vacation.


DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.069918


Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2015 Vol.20, No.3, pp.369 - 396


Available online: 16 Jun 2015



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