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Title: A discrete particle swarm algorithm for geometric image inpainting


Authors: Baha Fergani; Khadidja Laoubi; Mohamed-Khireddine Kholladi


MISC Laboratory, Constantine 2, BP: 67A, Ali-Mendjeli, Constantine, Algeria
University of Constantine 2, BP: 67A, Ali Mendjeli, Constantine, Algeria
University of El-Oued, Algeria P.O. Box 789, El-Oued, Algeria


Abstract: Reconstructing image structure can be accomplished using a geometric image inpainting algorithm. This is done following three main steps: the first step consists of locating the damaged region. In the second step, the structure of the corrupted contours is reconstructed by matching each damaged contour with its corresponding one in a way to obtain a visually plausible image. In the third step, the found couples are joined using a curve fitting technique. The search space of candidate solutions dramatically increases as the number of contours increases, which makes the search of the optimal solution by a traditional deterministic method infeasible. A good choice to solve this problem is the use of meta-heuristics. In this paper, a discrete particle swarm optimisation (DPSO) is used to find the best correspondence between contours using their curvature values as a quality metric. Additional information is used, which is the mean ordinate of each contour. It adds spatial information of the location of damaged contours. The experimental results and comparisons with the genetic algorithm show the efficiency of the DPSO for geometric image inpainting.


Keywords: image inpainting; geometric inpainting; damaged contours; contour matching; discrete PSO; particle swarm optimisation; image reconstruction; curve fitting; geometric images.


DOI: 10.1504/IJIEI.2014.066216


Int. J. of Intelligent Engineering Informatics, 2014 Vol.2, No.2/3, pp.215 - 241


Submission date: 14 Nov 2013
Date of acceptance: 13 Jun 2014
Available online: 08 Dec 2014



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