Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering   »   2013 Vol.15, No.3



Title: The usage of vague sets for different approaches of fuzzy goal programming


Authors: Mustafa Güneş; Nurullah Umarusman


Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Artchitecture, University of Gediz, Izmir 35655, Turkey
Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Adm. Sciences, University of Aksaray, Aksaray 68100, Turkey


Abstract: The linear membership function, which is proposed by Zimmermann, has been used for many approaches of fuzzy goal programming. The new encouraging approach on this topic still has been developing. The main goal of this study is to develop and contribute a new computation algorithm which will yield better solution for decision makers. In this study, membership degree of objectives of fuzzy goal programming has defined as a 'true and false membership function' supporting by 'vague sets' approach. In order to examine and exercise outcome of algorithm, real numerical example has solved and compared with its alternative modified models. Finally, the optimal solution is obtained under a certain type of assumptions that each goal has values of hundred percent membership degree. As a new approach and computation structure, it has been promising that will be alternative considerations for researchers. On the other hand, the above assumption must be considered as a misacception too. As a result, the best solution algorithm has proposed by appraising the efficiency of membership functions which is valid and applicable for all fuzzy goal programming.


Keywords: fuzzy goal programming; vague sets; vague goal programming; linear membership function; fuzzy logic.


DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2013.056680


Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2013 Vol.15, No.3, pp.315 - 328


Available online: 29 Aug 2013



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