Int. J. of Arts and Technology   »   2013 Vol.6, No.2



Title: Virtual reality and sonic cyberspaces: augmentation, hybridisation and abstraction


Author: Juraj Kojs


Address: Audio Production, Ai Miami International University of Art & Design, 1501 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. 100, Miami FL 33132-1418, USA


Abstract: While some researchers have described virtual reality (VR) in terms of digital replication of the physical world, others have claimed that the true power of cyberspace lies in the expansion and hybridisation of the physical elements and their parameters. The pioneers of VR envisioned it as implementation of abstracted laws and ideas. This paper details three VR types in connection to three music-making modes in the sonic cyberspace, using physical modelling techniques to describe the digital expansion, hybridisation and abstraction of sound producing mechanisms and interactions. This paper supports its claims with historical departures, theoretical summaries and compositional examples.


Keywords: VR; virtual reality; augmented reality; hybrid reality; abstract reality; physical modelling synthesis; sonic cyberspace; cyberinstruments; digital music; music composition; music performance; hybridisation; abstraction.


DOI: 10.1504/IJART.2013.053552


Int. J. of Arts and Technology, 2013 Vol.6, No.2, pp.167 - 180


Available online: 28 Apr 2013



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