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Title: A PFC-based PMBLDCM drive for air-conditioner using half-bridge buck converter


Authors: Sanjeev Singh; Bhim Singh


Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Department, SLIET, Longowal-148106, India
Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, New Delhi-110016, India


Abstract: A diode bridge fed buck half-bridge DC-DC converter fed from single-phase AC mains is used as a single-stage power factor correction (PFC) converter for feeding a voltage source inverter (VSI) based permanent magnet brushless DC motor (PMBLDCM) drive. The PMBLDCM is used to drive a compressor load of an air conditioner through a three-phase VSI fed from a constant DC voltage. The speed of the compressor is controlled using simple proportional and integral (PI) controller. The proposed PFC converter-based PMBLDCM drive is designed, modelled and its performance is simulated in MATLAB-Simulink environment for an air conditioner driven through a 1.5 kW, 1,500 rpm PMBLDCM. Simulated results of the proposed drive are presented to demonstrate its improved performance with PFC feature in wide range of speed and an input AC voltage.


Keywords: power factor correction; PFC; brushless DC electric motors; BLDC motors; BL motors; permanent magnets; air conditioners; buck converters; half-bridge converters; voltage source inverters; VSI; diode bridges; direct current; single-phase mains; AC mains; alternating current; single-stage converters; compressor loads; three-phase inverters; constant voltage; proportional controllers; integral controllers; MATLAB; matrix laboratory; Simulink; energy technology; energy policy; simulation.


DOI: 10.1504/IJETP.2012.052116


Int. J. of Energy Technology and Policy, 2012 Vol.8, No.3/4/5/6, pp.255 - 266


Date of acceptance: 21 Apr 2012
Available online: 14 Feb 2013



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