Int. J. of Foresight and Innovation Policy   »   2012 Vol.8, No.4



Title: Corporate foresight - a field report


Author: Gereon Klein


Address: Institute Facilitation for Change, Am Altberg 4, D-79280 Au bei Freiburg, Germany Witogie 537, ZA-0041 Pretoria, South Africa


Abstract: Field experiences on corporate foresight show predominantly a learning process to open up the mind-set for fresh thinking, visionary strategising and robust decision-making. It combines techniques of futures research with the facilitation of group processes to assemble relations, to reframe a situation, to induce action. The combination of different approaches a supporting system for implementation and the continuous readjustment of the outcomes establish individual and team learning as well as organisational development. This article presents practical cases and how in these cases, the trajectories were changed actively. Some cases are technological, others are more structural.


Keywords: medium term planning; team learning; knowledge; organisational development; field experiences; corporate foresight; learning processes; fresh thinking; visionary strategising; decision-making; futures research; group processes; relations assembly; situation reframing; action inducement; continuous readjustment; outcomes implementation; individual learning; team learning; changed trajectories; dental industry; broadcasting stations; textile industry; office supplies; forecasting; innovation policies; new trajectories.


DOI: 10.1504/IJFIP.2012.049777


Int. J. of Foresight and Innovation Policy, 2012 Vol.8, No.4, pp.354 - 364


Available online: 15 Oct 2012



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