Int. J. of Healthcare Technology and Management   »   2012 Vol.13, No.1/2/3



Title: Enhancing the performance of healthcare services using a ZigBee-based mobile monitoring system


Author: Kun-Yung Lu


Address: Department of Electronics Engineering, National United University, 1 Lienda, Kungching Li, Miaoli 36003, Taiwan


Abstract: This study focuses on the method of real-time data capturing and responding to the in-bed patients. A smart bed-monitoring application using a ZigBee sensor network was developed and implemented to enable the physician and the caregiver to access patient data so that they can respond instantly to any irregularity in the condition of in-bed patients. System functions include real-time system status sensing and data collection, intelligent event tracing and ad hoc response mechanisms. The aim is to give both patient and caregivers better control of health care, reducing the burden on caregivers as well as reducing emergent occurrences.


Keywords: mobile monitoring systems; wireless networks; sensor networks; ZigBee; performance enhancement; healthcare services; real-time data capture; in-bed patients; smart applications; bed monitoring; physicians; caregivers; doctors; patient data; data access; medical irregularities; medical conditions; real-time sensing; system status sensing; data collection; intelligent event tracing; ad hoc response mechanisms; emergent occurrences; Armed Forces Taoyuan General Hospital; Taiwan; healthcare technology; healthcare management.


DOI: 10.1504/IJHTM.2012.048949


Int. J. of Healthcare Technology and Management, 2012 Vol.13, No.1/2/3, pp.88 - 107


Available online: 05 Sep 2012



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