Int. J. of Electronic Finance   »   2012 Vol.6, No.1



Title: Modelling consumer choice (buying) and switching behaviour in a restricted marketing environment


Author: A.M. Sakkthivel


Address: Department of Business Administration, Sur University College, P.O. Box 440, P.C.411, Sur, Sultanate of Oman


Abstract: This study found that the selected constructs, viz. product attributes, distribution and service and promotion have significant impact on consumer (choice) buying behaviour, while product, price, distribution (internal variables), customer care and brand reputation have significant impact over consumer switching behaviour in a restricted marketing environment. It is also ascertained that technology, influence of peer groups, influence of opinion groups, etc., have no influence over consumer choice (buying) and switching behaviour. The study revealed that price has no impact on consumer choice behaviour; however, price does enjoy influence over consumer switching behaviour.


Keywords: marketing mix variables; external variables; consumer choice; buying behaviour; consumer switching behaviour; mobile communication services; construct analysis; restricted marketing environment; e-finance; electronic finance; mobile communications.


DOI: 10.1504/IJEF.2012.046592


Int. J. of Electronic Finance, 2012 Vol.6, No.1, pp.35 - 48


Available online: 01 May 2012



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