Int. J. of Vehicle Safety   »   2011 Vol.5, No.3



Title: Safety distance warning system with a novel algorithm for vehicle safety braking distance calculating


Authors: Yuan-Lin Chen; Wei-Jen Lee


Institute of Electro-Mechanical Engineering, MingChi University of Technology, Taishan Dist., New Taipei City 24301, Taiwan.
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, 416 Yates St., Room 518, Arlington Texas 76019, USA


Abstract: A novel algorithm for calculating vehicle safety braking distance for collision avoidance is presented in this paper. The system detects the distance between the driving car and the vehicle (obstacle) ahead and uses the vehicle speed, vehicle weight, and other parameters to calculate safety braking distance and alert/assist the driver to maintain safety distance. The reaction time of the driver and pressure buildup time of the braking system are taken into account. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of proposed system. It can serve as a safety assistance system to improve the driving safety in highway.


Keywords: safe braking distance; safety assistance; driving assistance; vehicle safety; vehicle braking; collision avoidance; vehicle speed; vehicle weight; simulation; warning systems.


DOI: 10.1504/IJVS.2011.042852


Int. J. of Vehicle Safety, 2011 Vol.5, No.3, pp.213 - 231


Submission date: 02 Sep 2010
Date of acceptance: 25 Mar 2011
Available online: 07 Oct 2011



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