Int. J. of Materials and Product Technology   »   1998 Vol.13, No.3/4/5/6



Title: Optimal resilient support of the source of periodic excitation


Author: M. Zigo


Address: Technicka Univerzita vo Zvolene, Studentska 26, 96053 Zvolen, Slovakia


Abstract: This article deals with the determination of the mutual properties of rubber springs and their position on source of vibration, so that the amplitudes of vibrations of the resilient supported source of vibration in space are minimal, provided the rubber spring construction is optimal from the viewpoint of vibration insulation.


Keywords: central axis of inertia; coefficient of elastic coupling; resiliently support; vibration amplitudes; rubber springs; vibration insulation.


DOI: 10.1504/IJMPT.1998.036256


Int. J. of Materials and Product Technology, 1998 Vol.13, No.3/4/5/6, pp.447 - 453


Available online: 01 Nov 2010



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