Int. J. of Electronic Finance   »   2010 Vol.4, No.3



Title: An intelligent bank assessment system: preliminary results


Author: Mohamed Tounsi


Address: Department of Computer Science, Prince Sultan University, P.O. Box 66833, Riyadh 11586, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Abstract: The paper introduces a new framework for assessing banks and financial firms using an intelligent model. The new assessment model uses heterogeneous variables evaluations and includes different business aspects of the company. A production-based rules model is provided, which includes representation of company management variable, financial performance of the company and different strategic variables. We propose a new framework based on the production rules to provide an evaluation of the firm even with imprecise values of input. The result is the value of the company that represents an aggregation of the input values. The initial results showed that the new framework is suitable for usage in scoring models and company rankings.


Keywords: company evaluation; ratings; expert systems; intelligent systems; assessment models; banks; banking; financial services; heterogeneous variables; production rules; management variables; financial performance; strategic variables; input values; scoring; rankings; electronic finance; e-finance.


DOI: 10.1504/IJEF.2010.034034


Int. J. of Electronic Finance, 2010 Vol.4, No.3, pp.287 - 295


Available online: 06 Jul 2010



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