Int. J. of Technology Intelligence and Planning   »   2010 Vol.6, No.1



Title: Contract innovation organisations in action: doing collaborative new product development outside the firm


Author: Irina Saur-Amaral, Paulo Amaral


Departamento de Economia, Gestao e Engenharia Industrial (DEGEI), Universidade de Aveiro, Campus Universitario de Santiago, 3810-093 Aveiro, Portugal; and Instituto Portugues de Administracao e Marketing (IPAM), Rua das Cardadeiras, Esgueira, 3800-125 Aveiro, Portugal.
Escola Superior Aveiro-Norte (ESAN), Universidade de Aveiro, Edificio Rainha, 5° Andar, 3720-232 Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal


Abstract: Open Innovation (OI) research has neglected external innovation service providers, hereby named ''Contract Innovation Organisations''. These organisations help motivating the innovation process, bringing scientific and technological knowledge to enhance new product development. Our paper clarifies their role, unveiling the partnership process and relevant business practices. Building on prior OI research (hereby synthesised), we explore the topic using an in-depth case study of a Portuguese Contract Innovation Organisation. Results point towards enhanced benefits of knowledge transfer and development of clients' absorptive capacity, due to close cooperation/interaction between this organisation and its clients. We reveal good practices and discuss practical/scientific implications.


Keywords: contract innovation organisations; new product development; innovation partners; external service providers; open innovation, case study; Portugal; start-ups; collaborative NPD; collaboration.


DOI: 10.1504/IJTIP.2010.033923


Int. J. of Technology Intelligence and Planning, 2010 Vol.6, No.1, pp.42 - 62


Available online: 04 Jul 2010



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