Electronic Government, an Int. J.   »   2010 Vol.7, No.3



Title: An examination of privacy policies of US Government Senate websites


Author: Joanne Kuzma


Address: Worcester Business School, University of Worcester, Henwick Grove, Worcester, WR2 6AJ, UK


Abstract: US Government websites are rapidly increasing the services they offer, but users express concerns about their personal privacy protection. To earn user's trust, these sites must show that personal data is protected, and the sites contain explicit privacy policies. This research studied privacy policy protection of 50 US Senate sites and found that few had comprehensive elements of privacy policies and a general lack of protection of personal data that could be obtain from the website. The study reviewed which specific privacy elements are most often mishandled, as well as suggestions for improving an overall online privacy practice.


Keywords: consumer trust; cookies; personal data; USA; United States Senate; websites; privacy protection; security; personal data; privacy policies; world wide web; internet; online privacy; electronic government; e-government; usability.


DOI: 10.1504/EG.2010.033592


Electronic Government, an Int. J., 2010 Vol.7, No.3, pp.270 - 280


Available online: 06 Jun 2010



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