Int. J. of Technology Management   »   2001 Vol.22, No.5/6



Title: New technological links between national innovation systems and corporations


Author: Jon Sigurdson, Alfred Li-Ping Cheng


Address: The European Institute of Japanese Studies, Stockholm School of Economics, PO Box 6501, S-11383 Stockholm, Sweden. Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, International Division, 75 Chang-Hsing Street, Taipei 10671, Taiwan


Abstract: Diversified but complimentary approaches analysing complex systems of innovation promise a more general framework of relevant theory that can explain similarities and differences of national innovation systems (NIS) among countries. We characterise this approach as a breakthrough for overcoming the restrictions of the prevailing Linear Approach and System Approach. The combination of these two approaches facilitates cross-country and cross-time comparisons of different systems of innovations. The new approach also contributes to understanding fine-tuning links between the national innovation system and the corporate innovation system.


Keywords: corporate innovation system (CIS); global innovation system (GIS); national innovation system (NIS); R&D structure; technological system; technology transfer; information structure.


DOI: 10.1504/IJTM.2001.002971


Int. J. of Technology Management, 2001 Vol.22, No.5/6, pp.417-434


Available online: 09 Jul 2003



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