Int. J. of Management Practice   »   2010 Vol.4, No.1



Title: Perspectives on integral 'pheno-pragma-practice' in organisations


Author: Wendelin Kupers


Address: Massey University, Department of Management (Albany), Private Bag 102 904, North Shore MSC, 0745 Auckland, New Zealand


Abstract: Based on insights of phenomenology and pragmatism, this paper contributes to an integral and processual understanding of practice in organisations. Adopting a phenomenological perspective and insights from pragmatism, practice is argued to be an embodied and situated nexus of action. Correspondingly, a holonic and integral 'pheno-pragma-practice' is proposed, allowing a more comprehensive approach for investigating interrelated practices as specific occasions in organisations. A holonic approach utilises different lenses, including interior and exterior dimensions as well as spheres of individuality and communality. These spheres of practice are approached within their specific interconnection of intentional, behavioural, socio-cultural and systemic dimensions. Following a processual turn, then the concept of 'inter-practice' respectively 'inter-practicing' are discussed by which practices are seen as an interrelational emerging event based on primordial and pre-reflexive dimensions. In conclusion, some practical, theoretical and methodological implications and perspectives on pheno-pragmatic practices in organisation are provided.


Keywords: phenomenology; Merleau-Ponty; pragmatism; embodiment; integral practice; practicing; process; holonic; relational.


DOI: 10.1504/IJMP.2010.029702


Int. J. of Management Practice, 2010 Vol.4, No.1, pp.27 - 50


Available online: 01 Dec 2009



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