Int. J. of Arts and Technology   »   2009 Vol.2, No.1/2



Title: Real-time audio-visual composition: Mugenkei as a Live Dream


Author: Wilfried Jentzsch, Jean Detheux


Pastor-Lupschen-Str. 54, Duren D-52351, Germany.
Pastor-Lupschen-Str. 54, Duren D-52351, Germany


Abstract: As the finale of the DigArt Symposium, Jean Detheux (images) and myself (music) have presented the performance Mugenkei as a Live Dream. This consisted of an improvised visual music where images and music have been produced in real-time. This article will review the performance from the viewpoint of the relationship between images and music.


Keywords: audiovisual performance; real time images; real time music; improvised visual music; audiovisual composition.


DOI: 10.1504/IJART.2009.024062


Int. J. of Arts and Technology, 2009 Vol.2, No.1/2, pp.129 - 132


Available online: 24 Mar 2009



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