Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering   »   2009 Vol.4, No.2



Title: Flexible Manufacturing System selection using an improved compromise ranking method


Author: R. Venkata Rao


Address: Department of Mechanical Engineering, S.V. National Institute of Technology Ichchanath, Surat – 395 007, India


Abstract: A Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is designed to combine the efficiency of a mass-production line and the flexibility of a job shop to produce a variety of products on a group of machines. Even though a number of studies were proposed in the past to address the issue of evaluation and selection of FMSs, there is a need for a simple and systematic method to guide user organisations in taking a proper decision. This is considered in this paper using an improved compromise ranking method in conjunction with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The proposed 'FMS Selection Index' (FMS-SI) evaluates and ranks FMSs for a given FMS selection problem. Two examples are included to illustrate the approach.


Keywords: FMS selection; FMS evaluation; flexible manufacturing systems; compromise ranking method; decision making; analytical hierarchy process; AHP.


DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2009.022372


Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2009 Vol.4, No.2, pp.198 - 215


Available online: 02 Jan 2009



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