Int. J. of Services Operations and Informatics   »   2007 Vol.2, No.3



Title: Application of network methods in intelligent supply chain management


Author: R.S. Srinivasan


Address: i2 Technologies, Inc., 11701 Luna Road, Dallas, TX 75234, USA


Abstract: A good understanding of supply chain flows is a prerequisite for intelligent supply chain management. These flows form the basis for the structure of the supply chain elements and their interconnections. Measures from network theory are proposed as viable tools for understanding and designing supply chain structures. A supply chain interpretation of the standard network measures is presented. Tuning these measures and evaluating the resulting structures for responsiveness is explained with simple examples. A methodology is proposed for network measures based design and analysis of supply chain structures and an initial foray is made into understanding the dynamic link between supply chain structures and supply chain plans. Lessons learned from these methods can be used to develop a better understanding of structural complexity, and facilitate modelling and design of the physical and informational aspects of supply chains.


Keywords: supply chain structures; static complexity; physical flow; information flow; network theory; small world; network methods; intelligent SCM; supply chain management; supply chain planning.


DOI: 10.1504/IJSOI.2007.015329


Int. J. of Services Operations and Informatics, 2007 Vol.2, No.3, pp.278 - 299


Available online: 08 Oct 2007



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