Proceedings of the International Conference
I W S S I P   2005

22 - 24 September 2005, Chalkida Greece
(from Chapter 1: Invited Addresses and Tutorials on Signals, Coding, Systems and Intelligent Techniques)

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0 Title: Software Concept for Power Quality Study
  Author(s): Boris Bizjak, Peter Planinšič
  Address: University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering And Computer Science, Smetanova 17, Maribor, SI - 2000, Slovenia
boris.bizjak @, peter.planinsic @
  Reference: SSIP-SP1, 2005  pp. 453 - 457
Power electronic loads resulting from the solid-state equipment are constantly increasing in distribution systems. The non-linear nature of switching devices give rise to harmonic current flows in power transmission lines, thus causing considerable losses and voltage distortion, electronic equipment failure, and inefficient use of electric energy. One critical aspect of power quality studies is the ability to perform automatic power quality data analysis and categorization. The objective of this paper is to present a technique based on fuzzy logic to categorize power quality events. The use of OLE for Process Control (OPC) opens up the exchange of data across multiple historians. Inherent features are extracted from recorded waveforms using Fourier and wavelet analyses and fed into a fuzzy expert system. The categorization technique has been implemented using the Fourier, Wavelet and Fuzzy Logic Toolboxes in Matlab. We view XML as a roadmap to the future, which is why we use XML WEB portal platform. It makes heavy use of XML as the fundamental communications system between different software objects.
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