Proceedings of the International Conference
I W S S I P   2005

22 - 24 September 2005, Chalkida Greece
(from Chapter 1: Invited Addresses and Tutorials on Signals, Coding, Systems and Intelligent Techniques)

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0 Title: Knowledge-Based Web Systems for Product Representation and Recommendation
  Author(s): Bhanu Prasad
  Address: Department of Computer and Information Sciences Florida A&M University
  Reference: SSIP-SP1, 2005  pp. 39 - 40
The Internet has been transforming business activities such as shopping, negotiation, and auctions, into web-based activities such as electronicshopping (i.e., e-shopping), e-negotiation, and e-auctions since the end of the last century. Basically there are two types of web-based applications in terms of product representation and recommendation. The first one focuses on importing existing products and sells them online and the second one focuses on knowledgebased techniques. The first one is a natural mapping from the traditional commerce and the latter is considered as an intelligent transformation from the traditional commerce to intelligent e-commerce. Knowledge-based approaches play a major role in the development of this latter category of e-commerce. These approaches used extensively in representing the products and in advising the users on the products they want to examine or purchase through the web. The advice is necessary as there are no real people available to do the same. The talk focuses on several knowledge-based approaches that are used in product representation and recommendation over the web. The approaches include automated collaborative filtering approaches, case-based reasoning approaches, goal-based reasoning approaches, agent-based approaches, hybrid approaches, etc. The talk also presents some future research directions in this area.
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