Hybrid converter for electric vehicle battery charging with power quality features
by B.R. Ananthapadmanabha; Rakesh Maurya; Sabha Raj Arya
International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering (IJCSYSE), Vol. 5, No. 1, 2019

Abstract: The power factor correction converters for electric vehicle battery chargers result in higher conduction losses and reverse recovery losses when fed from low voltage supply line. To overcome the above problem, a hybrid switched capacitor Cuk converter based power factor correction converter is proposed which has high stepup gain and low-voltage stress across the switch. The converter offers a very significant efficiency improvement at low voltage supply line over the single-switch buck-boost converters (including fly-back, SEPIC and Cuk topologies) and conventional two-switch buck-boost cascaded converters. In this paper, the design and simulation of the proposed converter is carried out in continuous current mode (CCM). The modelling and simulation are done in Matlab-Simulink environment. The power quality indices like THDs (vTHD, iTHD), PF are evaluated to demonstrate the performance of the converter. The converter is evaluated both in steady state and transient conditions.

Online publication date: Tue, 19-Mar-2019

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