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International Journal of Telemedicine and Clinical Practices (IJTMCP)

International Journal of Telemedicine and Clinical Practices

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Histogram-based adaptive learning for background modelling: moving object detection in video surveillanceLavanya Sharma; Dileep Kumar YadavVol.2 No.174-92Free access
Deterministic risk analysis smart health model for heart ailments using neural networksKartik Bhanot; Reshub Kr. NigamVol.2 No.163-73Free access
Rapid mHealth - a mobile healthcare application development frameworkSenthil Kumaresan; Satya Sai Srinivas; Anutosh Maitra; Nataraj KuntagodVol.2 No.142-62Free access
ECG data compression algorithm for tele-monitoring of cardiac patientsChandan Kumar Jha; Maheshkumar H. KolekarVol.2 No.131-41Free access
Enabler for success in information technology implementation: a case discussion of telemedicine of OdishaDebendra Kumar MahalikVol.2 No.112-30Free access
E-learning through telemedicine in neurosurgical teaching and patient careSushil K. Meher; Nilesh S. Kurwal; Ashish SuriVol.2 No.12-11Free access