The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems (IJMMS)

Title Author(s) Vol. & Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Integration of human factors, cognitive ergonomics, and artificial intelligence in the human-machine interface for additive manufacturingEric Doran; Sharon Bommer; Adedeji BadiruVol.15 No.4310 - 330Free access
Effect of material inhomogeneity on chatter stabilityNevzat Bircan Bugdayci; Martin Postel; Konrad WegenerVol.15 No.4264 - 285Free access
Process concatenation to reduce thermal changes in machine toolsE. Wenkler; M. Selch; A. Hellmich; S. IhlenfeldtVol.15 No.2/3167 - 184Free access
Hybrid finite elements method-artificial neural network approach for hardness prediction of AA6082 friction stir welded jointsMariangela Quarto; Sara Bocchi; Gianluca D'Urso; Claudio GiardiniVol.15 No.2/3149 - 166Free access
Machine learning approaches towards digital twin development for machining systemsKrzysztof Jarosz; Tuğrul ÖzelVol.15 No.2/3127 - 148Free access
Performance improvement techniques for neural networks in tool condition monitoringArup Dey; Nita YodoVol.15 No.2/3107 - 126Free access
A review on process models and controller design in proton-exchange membrane fuel cellsTuğrul ÖzelVol.15 No.11 - 19Free access
Tool and process development for chambering bores with non-circular contour in highly stressed workpiecesJulian Frederic Gerken; Robert Schmidt; Dirk Biermann; Moritz FußVol.14 No.3/4289 - 304Free access
Multistage tool path strategy to produce hemispherical shape using single point incremental forming processAshish M. Gohil; Bharat A. ModiVol.14 No.3/4181 - 201Free access
Physics-based simulation models for digital twin development in laser powder bed fusionLihang Yang; Tugrul ÖzelVol.14 No.2143 - 163Free access
Relevance of single channel signals for two-colour pyrometer process monitoring of laser powder bed fusionKai Gutknecht; Michael Cloots; Konrad WegenerVol.14 No.2111 - 127Free access
Micro-WEDM of Ni55.8Ti shape memory superalloy: experimental investigation and optimisationHassan Ali M. Meshri; Samet Akar; Mirsadegh Seyedzavvar; Sadik Engin KiliçVol.14 No.118 - 38Free access
Virtual reality training platform for a computer numerically controlled grinding machine toolChristian Hirt; Martina Spahni; Yves Kompis; Dominic Jetter; Andreas KunzVol.14 No.11 - 17Free access