Section III: Science Technology and Innovation

Title: Entrepreneurial policies and the innovation balance matrix: the case of the Arab countries

Author(s): Adli Abouzeedan, Michael Busler

Address: Breyer State University – Alabama Ingefarsgatan 52, Angered SE-424 44, Sweden | Rowan University, 201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028, USA

Reference: Science,Technology and Sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa pp. 158 - 175

Abstract/Summary: The issue of the connection between economic progress and the entrepreneurial environment has been investigated by researchers using diverse approaches. One way to investigate the question is to use deductive analysis regarding the forms of capital contributing to the entrepreneurial environment of society. Adli Abouzeedan and Michael Busler were the first to introduce the concept of 'Innovation Capital'. The two researchers argued that Innovation Capital can be used as an indicator for the degree of richness of the entrepreneurial environment. In the same paper, the researchers also introduced the Innovation Balance Matrix (IBAM) as an analytical tool to classify economies based on their entrepreneurial conditions, applying it across the globe. In a later work, the two researchers tried to run a similar IBAM analysis focusing on the Arab world. The two writers found that the best solution to the lack of individual entrepreneurial economies in that region is through what they called the 'additive solution'. In this work, we take their argument deeper and look at the kind of policies that would achieve that solution.

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