Section II: Information and Knowledge Management

Title: Information and communication technology transformation in the Middle East: issues and initiatives from the sustainability prism

Author(s): Jerry Kolo

Address: School of Architecture and Design, American University of Sharjah, Shajah 26666, United Arab Emirates

Reference: Science,Technology and Sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa pp. 21 - 33

Abstract/Summary: This chapter examined Information and Communication Technology (ICT) penetration rates and trends in the Middle East. It analysed key issues and challenges that the region faces in adapting ICT for purposes of growth and development. The issue analysis is conducted using the sustainability prism concept as an analytical framework. Within this framework, the cardinal four 'E' sustainability principles of economy, ecology, equity and enlightenment are used to identify and assess key ICT issues facing socio-economic productive capacity in the Middle East. The principles are also used as a platform to recommend policies and programmes that would enable the Middle East to use ICT to boost and sustain its capacity for effective competition in the global political economy.

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