Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management    PLM'07
Assessing the industrial relevance

PLM-SP3, 2007

Chapter 8: Concurrent development and engineering

PagesTitle and authors
489 - 498Aligning supply chain management and new product development: a general framework
Margherita Pero, Andrea Sianesi
499 - 508Logistics and product life cycle: towards a design for logistics approach
Giuseppe Confessore, Giacomo Liotta, Giuseppe Stecca
509 - 516Application of kansai engineering to product development
B. Kayis, S. Kara
517 - 526Propagating engineering changes to manufacturing process planning: does PLM meet the need
M.A El Hani, L. Rivest, C. Fortin
527 - 536Innovative product development in a concurrent engineering environment through the extended enterprise
Mikel Sorli, I˝igo Mendikoa, Alberto Armijo
537 - 546Exploring the relationship between after-sales service strategies and design for X methodologies
Paolo Gaiardelli, Sergio Cavalieri, Nicola Saccani
547 - 554Proposal of integration of some methods to develop industrial products
F. Rosa, E. Rovida, R. Vigan˛
555 - 564Next generation PLM - an integrated approach to product development in the service industry
Julius D. Golovatchev, Oliver Budde
PagesTitle and authors