Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management    PLM'07
Assessing the industrial relevance

PLM-SP3, 2007

Chapter 5: Tools

PagesTitle and authors
261 - 270Development of a tool to support the dissemination of information about knowledge in multilingual product development teams
Daniel J. Bradfield, James X. Gao, Hossein Soltan
271 - 282Machining processes simulation with the use of design and visualization technologies in a virtual environment
Bilalis Nikolaos, Petousis Markos, Antoniadis Aristomenis
283 - 292Graphonumerical parameters: collaborative parameters based on scenarios and ontologies
N. Gardan, M. Reimeringer, F. Danesi, Y. Gardan
293 - 302Multi level configuration of ETO products
Thomas D. Petersen, Kaj A. Jorgensen, Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Jorgen A. Nielsen
303 - 310An implementation methodology of SOA based PLM system
TaeJae Lee, JongGyun Lim, JunHo Shin, SeHyun Myung, MiYoung Choi, SeungSik Baek, JuIk Kim, JaeWook Oh, DongSuk Lee, YongDuk Han
311 - 320Computer aided consensus searching system for collaborative and distributed design process
Egon Ostrosi, Michel Ferney
321 - 330A PLM integrator for integrate product information management using commercial PDM systems
Tae Hyuck Yoon, Sang Su Choi, Sang Do Noh
331 - 340CADFORSIM: methodology and tools to integrate CAD and simulation
M. Reimeringer, N. Gardan, F. Danesi, Y. Gardan
341 - 350CO-ENV project: collaborative environments and agile product development for modular and configurable products
Michele Germani, Maura Mengoni
PagesTitle and authors