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International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems (IJTIS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Bringing universal design and the web of things into the supermarketVanessa R.M.L. Maike; Samuel Bastos Buchdid; Julián Esteban Gutierrez Posada; M. Cecília C. BaranauskasVol.4 No.1/296-110Free access
How to match technological and social innovation: insights from the biomedical 3D printing industry Lamberto Zollo; Giacomo Marzi; Andrea Boccardi; Micaela SurchiVol.4 No.1/280-95Free access
The labour income taxation: Lithuanian case Ilona Skačkauskienė; Živilė TunčikienėVol.4 No.1/265-79Free access
Assessing the applicability of a corporate governance index in Maltese listed entitiesPeter J. Baldacchino; Justin Baldacchino; Frank H. Bezzina; Darko TipurićVol.4 No.1/243-64Free access
Analytical tool adoption level: a case study based on an evidential reasoning approachIgor Barahona Torres; Alex Riba; Jian-Bo YangVol.4 No.1/222-42Free access
Spatial relation between geo-climate zones and technological outputs to explain the evolution of technologyMario CocciaVol.4 No.1/25-21Free access