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International Journal of Machine Intelligence and Sensory Signal Processing (IJMISSP)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Multi-camera localisation: a reviewRahul Raman; Sambit Bakshi; Pankaj K. SaVol.1 No.191-109Free access
Gait recognition using sub-vector quantisation techniqueNeel K. Pandey; Waleed H. Abdulla; Zoran SalcicVol.1 No.168-90Free access
Grinding control using artificial neural networks with AE feedbackKexin Wang; Xianjun ShengVol.1 No.155-67Free access
Biologically inspired features used for robust phoneme recognitionMitar Milacic; A.P. James; Sima DimitrijevVol.1 No.146-54Free access
Global exponential stability result for complex valued hysteretic neuron modelG. Padmavathi; P.V. Siva Kumar; Shahnaz BathulVol.1 No.123-45Free access
Case-based reasoning in computers and human cognition: a mathematical frameworkMichael Gr. VoskoglouVol.1 No.13-22Free access