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International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity (IJIPSI)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Integrating privacy requirements considerations into a security requirements engineering method and toolNancy R. Mead; Seiya Miyazaki; Justin ZhanVol.1 No.1106-126Free access
A general model for trust managementDalal Ahmed Al-Arayed; João Pedro SousaVol.1 No.179-105Free access
Ontology-based access control for social network systemsAmirreza Masoumzadeh; James JoshiVol.1 No.159-78Free access
Analysing security and privacy issues of using e-mail address as identityLei Jin; Hassan Takabi; James B.D. JoshiVol.1 No.134-58Free access
Enhanced privacy ID from bilinear pairing for hardware authentication and attestationErnie Brickell; Jiangtao LiVol.1 No.13-33Free access