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International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management (IJFERM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Credit-scoring and bank lending policy in consumer loansMaria Ganopoulou; Fotini Giapoutzi; Kyriaki Kosmidou; Theodoros MoysiadisVol.1 No.190-110Free access
Nonlinearity in the Indian commodity markets: evidence from a battery of testsTarun SoniVol.1 No.173-89Free access
A portfolio insurance strategy for commodity futuresChia Chun Lo; Konstantinos SkindiliasVol.1 No.155-72Free access
Gold price forecasting with a neuro-fuzzy-based inference systemGeorgia Makridou; George S. Atsalakis; Constantinos Zopounidis; Kostas AndriosopoulosVol.1 No.135-54Free access
Analysis of the Iberian electricity forward market hedging efficiencyÁlvaro Capitán Herráiz; Carlos Rodríguez MonroyVol.1 No.120-34Free access
Estimating VaR and ES of the spot price of oil using futures-varying centilesGiacomo Scandroglio; Andrea Gori; Emiliano Vaccaro; Vlasios VoudourisVol.1 No.16-19Free access