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  • Supporting the selection of value-driven performance measures in maintenance services - Comprehensive value assessment   Order a copy of this article
    by Maaren Ali-Marttila, David Baglee, Salla Marttonen-Arola 
    Abstract: Maintenance measures, such as Key Performance Indicators should align with the strategic objectives. However, this is often not the case, as mainly the cost dimension of services is measured. The field of maintenance has evolved due to maintenance outsourcing and the rising interest of equipment providers to join the service business. There is a need for methods that improve communication between maintenance service customers and service providers to ensure that other value dimensions are recognized and measured. This paper proposes a preliminary framework for integrating comprehensive value assessment into strategic decision-making in maintenance service relationships. The empirical findings based on an online-survey emphasize the fact that several elements contribute to the value of maintenance services, but these elements are in many cases not measured. Based on the ranking of customers, a number of elements such as environmental safety, safety at work, operator knowledge, reliability, and reputation of the service provider should be included in the value assessments.
    Keywords: value creation; value elements; maintenance; maintenance services; value assessment; relationships; services; value; performance measurement; maintenance measures.

  • Development of a Standard Data Structure for Wastewater Pipe Performance Management   Order a copy of this article
    by Thiti Angkasuwansiri, Sunil Sinha 
    Abstract: The accurate prediction of wastewater pipe structural and functional deterioration plays an essential role in the utility asset management process and capital investment planning. The key to implementing an asset management strategy is a comprehensive understanding and prediction of asset condition and performance. The limitations of deterioration prediction capabilities are in the lack of accurate and consistent performance data, or not well-understood interdependencies of the pipeline performance parameters. Thus, the primary objective of this paper is to develop a standard data structure to support the performance prediction of wastewater pipe remaining life. This paper presents the life cycle, failure modes and mechanisms, and data structure of wastewater pipe that has been completed with results from intensive literature reviews, various interviews with utilities, consultants, and pipe associations. In this research, the authors investigated the lifecycle of wastewater pipes, identifying the causes of pipe failure in different phases, including design, manufacture, construction, operation and maintenance, and repair/rehabilitation/replacement. The authors prepared various modes and mechanisms of pipe failure as well as identified environmental and societal consequences of the failure. After reviewing all relevant reports and utility databases, the authors developed a set of standard pipe parameters (data structure) and pipe data collection methodology. The data structure was classified into gold, silver, bronze, and wood standards based on importance of the performance parameters.
    Keywords: Asset Management; Failure Modes and Mechanisms; Wastewater; Infastracture System; Structural and Operational Deteriorations.