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    by Shinu Vig, Manipadma Datta 
    Abstract: The recent developments in the regulatory framework on corporate governance worldwide have drawn the attention of academic world on corporate governance issues, and especially on the measurement of the quality of corporate governance. Corporate governance is a complex mechanism with multiple attributes. A comprehensive corporate governance index is thus needed to concentrate all of the governance mechanisms into a single integrated, yet informative score which can reflect upon the overall quality of a firms corporate governance. Several methods of measurement of quality of corporate governance have been employed by the academic researchers and the commercial service-providers to measure the same underlying phenomenon, i.e. the quality of corporate governance. Thus paper examines, through extensive review of the extant literature, the use, problems and prospects of CG indices as a correct and dependable measure of quality of corporate governance and analyses the challenges in the construction and interpretation of corporate governance indices.
    Keywords: corporate governance; index; rating; measures of quality; firm performance; indices; good governance.

  • The Impact of Ownership Structure on Dividend Policy and Cash Holdings for Chinese Privatized Firms   Order a copy of this article
    by Ohaness Paskelian, Stephen Bell, Julia Creek 
    Abstract: This paper examines the impact of ownership structure on dividend policies and cash holdings of privatized Chinese firms. In particular, we examine investor valuation of dividends and cash holdings between firms where the Chinese government holds majority ownership versus firms where private and foreign stockholders possess substantial ownership. We also examine measures designed to reflect agency problems in privatized Chinese firms to determine if dividend and cash holding policies can alleviate these agency problems. We find that government ownership has negative impact on firm value in China. In addition, we find that in firms where the government ownership is substantial, holding large reserves of cash does not impact on the firms future profitability. In contrast, we find that firms with low government ownership concentration have better use for cash thus relatively lower dividend payments constitutes positive signal about the firms future prospects. Finally, we find foreign ownership has positive impact on firm value and contributes to mitigation of agency problems in Chinese firms.
    Keywords: Cash Holdings; Ownership Structure; Corporate Governance; Chinese Firms; Dividend Policy; Government Ownership.

  • Corporate Governance in Lebanese Banks: Focus on Board of Directors   Order a copy of this article
    by Walid El Gammal, ABDUL-NASSER El-Kassar, Bilal Kchouri, Samir Trabelsi 
    Abstract: This study investigates the Corporate Governance mechanisms (CG) applied in the Lebanese banks with a focus on the Board of Directors (BOD). We collected board data for 67 banks between 2013 and 2015. The results document a lack of consistency in the disclosure of BOD practices where half of the banks do not abide by international standards with disclosed information being minimal. Moreover, banks applying the ISS standards at the BOD level, did not prove any better financial performance. These findings are explained by the fact that Lebanese banks have the right to lend the central bank while foreign banks do not, thus giving the local banks higher chances for profitable and less risky investments. The central bank also provides continuous support to the Lebanese banks through monetary facilities in order to stimulate the economy in Lebanon.
    Keywords: Corporate Governance; Board of Directors; Banks; Lebanon.