Int. J. of Vehicle Safety   »   2017 Vol.9, No.4



Title: Safety modelling and evaluation of vehicles platoon based on SAN models


Author: Mohamed Garoui


Address: IRTES-SET, UTBM, F-90010, Belfort Cedex, France


Abstract: Building a safety model is an approach to make expert decisions explicit about safety of a system. The issue of safe modelling and analysis in such domain is still an open research field. Providing quantitative estimation of system safety is an interesting method to study the system complexity. This paper explores our main current methods, and proposes a new formal model for quantitative estimation based on Stochastic Activity Network (SAN). This model is built based on some failure modes that affect the vehicles platoon.


Keywords: safety model; modelling; vehicles platoon; SAN; quantitative analysis.


DOI: 10.1504/IJVS.2017.10008222


Int. J. of Vehicle Safety, 2017 Vol.9, No.4, pp.298 - 310


Date of acceptance: 19 Apr 2017
Available online: 03 Oct 2017



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