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Title: Innovation and competitive factors of non-R&D industrial enterprises. The case of north-eastern Poland


Author: Robert Ciborowski


Address: Economics and Management Faculty, University of Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland


Abstract: This paper investigates the drivers of technology and innovation in Podlaskie (north-eastern Poland). There are reasons to believe that the convergence of Podlaskie's technology development to the levels of the rest of Poland will continue, but will proceed more slowly. The paper concludes that technology transfer and R&D investment have sped along at a spectacular pace in Poland in the recent years, although innovation in modern sectors lags somewhat behind. R&D activities have become the most substantial factor of innovation research in the attempt to explain the phenomena of innovation ability and competitiveness. There is a lot of empirical literature that shows the importance of firm-internal R&D activities as the main source of productivity, technological innovations to improve competitiveness, especially in fast growing high-tech industries. What seems to be the basic problem is the impact of economic changes on R&D activity and technology transfer.


Keywords: R&D investment; research and development; technology transfer; institutional settings; competitiveness; Poland; technological innovation; technology development; productivity; high-tech industries; high technology; economic changes.


DOI: 10.1504/IJTIS.2016.081565


Int. J. of Transitions and Innovation Systems, 2016 Vol.5, No.1, pp.66 - 79


Date of acceptance: 15 Aug 2016
Available online: 12 Jan 2017



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