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Title: Modelling an adaptive e-learning system for implementing competencies-based approach


Authors: Jaber El Bouhdidi; Mohamed Ghailani; Fatima Douas; Abdelhadi Fennan


Team SIGL, ENSA Tetuan, Tetuan, 93030, Morocco
Laboratory LIST FST-Tangier, Tangier, 90090, Morocco
Laboratory LIST FST-Tangier, Tangier, 90090, Morocco
Laboratory LIST FST-Tangier, Tangier, 90090, Morocco


Abstract: Our objective in this work is to propose an adaptive e-learning system permitting to implement the competencies-based approach. This approach aims to develop learners' skills in order to get them used to problem situations meeting their learning path. It provides solutions to the objectives-based approach's limits by offering to learners integration situations allowing them to mobilise and use pertinently what they have learned, which will allow them to establish links between the acquired concepts and create its global and significant representations. To ensure our system's functionalities, we have conceived a multi-layer, multi-ontologies and cooperative multi-agents architecture. Briefly, our solution is designed to address the main challenges: 1) develop learners' skills using customised learning activities; 2) exalt the learning desire of learners; 3) propose to learners in difficulties appropriate remediation paths.


Keywords: competencies-based approach; multi-agent systems; MAS; agent-based systems; ontologies; modelling; adaptive e-learning; electronic learning; online learning; personalisation; remediation.


DOI: 10.1504/IJKL.2016.078659


Int. J. of Knowledge and Learning, 2016 Vol.11, No.1, pp.82 - 92


Submission date: 03 Aug 2015
Date of acceptance: 29 Mar 2016
Available online: 29 Aug 2016



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