Int. J. of Process Management and Benchmarking   »   2016 Vol.6, No.2



Title: Enhancing impact of ergonomics in educational institutions: theoretical foundations and practical viewpoints


Authors: K.K. Therisa; Michael Sony


Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar, Panaji, Goa, India
Department of Electricity Government of Goa, 403404, India


Abstract: There has been considerable activity worldwide on 'ergonomics education' but very little study has focused on the effect of ergonomics for education sector. This article applies learning theory and ergonomic principles to the design of effective learning environments for educational institutions. It discusses basic principles of ergonomics used for educational institutions, including the role of ergonomics in educational institutions, physical environment, lighting, furniture design, sitting ergonomics etc. A conceptual model is developed to explain the impact of ergonomics in educational environment. Lastly, managerial implication and scope for future research is discussed.


Keywords: ergonomics impact; educational institutions; furniture design; sitting ergonomics; learning theory; ergonomic principles; learning environments; lighting; seating; education.


DOI: 10.1504/IJPMB.2016.075598


Int. J. of Process Management and Benchmarking, 2016 Vol.6, No.2, pp.133 - 146


Available online: 30 Mar 2016



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