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Title: Automatic generation of trimap for image matting


Authors: Sweta Singh; Anand Singh Jalal


GLA University, Mathura-281406, India
GLA University, Mathura-281406, India


Abstract: Image matting is a process of extracting a foreground object from an image. Providing trimap is an important challenge of image matting. An attentively created trimap is required to get accurate alpha-matte. Accuracy of trimap-based approach reduces drastically as the trimap becomes thicker and coarser. Providing trimap manually is an exhausting and time consuming task for user. Scribble-based approach solves the problem by reducing user effort but with reduced accuracy. In this paper, we propose an approach to automatically generate trimap. It uses learning-based matting to generate a high quality alpha-matte in less time. It helps in obtaining accurate and fast result without user effort. The experimental results show the automatically generated trimap and alpha-matte are qualitatively and quantitatively better.


Keywords: alpha-matte; image matting; opacity; partial pixel; scribble; trimap generation; object extraction; foreground objects; learning-based matting; digital images; image processing.


DOI: 10.1504/IJMISSP.2014.066425


Int. J. of Machine Intelligence and Sensory Signal Processing, 2014 Vol.1, No.3, pp.232 - 250


Available online: 19 Dec 2014



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