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Title: Smart specialisation as a lever towards innovation: the example of Malopolska region in Poland


Author: Ewa Okoń-Horodyńska


Address: Department of Economics, Faculty of Management and Social Communication, Jagiellonian University, Ul.Prof.S.Łojasiewicza 4, 30-348 Krakow, Poland


Abstract: The paper presents the process of devising the methodology for selecting smart specialisations in the course of preparation of 2013-2020 Regional Innovation Strategy for Malopolska Region in Poland (orig.RSIWM 2013-20). The article stresses the need for a new approach and methodology to stimulate effort to cooperation between universities and commercial entities for the development of innovation. So far, the European attempts to implement ambitious growth models based on research and innovation (the Lisbon Strategy) have been unsuccessful. Hence, the sudden European Union shift towards the real and the search for new possibilities to create innovative industry via implementing regional innovation strategies utilising the smart specialisation concept (RIS3) as a precondition to qualify for European Union funds allocated to research and innovation, which should ultimately produce structural changes satisfying the knowledge-based economy requirements.


Keywords: smart specialisation; knowledge-based economy; regional innovation strategy; RIS; innovation policy; Poland; research and development; R&D.


DOI: 10.1504/IJTIS.2014.065701


Int. J. of Transitions and Innovation Systems, 2014 Vol.3, No.3, pp.249 - 268


Submission date: 12 Nov 2013
Date of acceptance: 19 Apr 2014
Available online: 04 Nov 2014



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