Interdisciplinary Environmental Review   »   2008 Vol.10, No.1/2



Title: Navigating the ideological and cultural landscapes of environmental policy-making in the United States


Author: Paul A. Barresi


Address: Southern New Hampshire University, USA


Abstract: This article offers a framework for mapping the ideological and cultural landscapes within which environmental policy-making takes place in the United States as an aid to analyzing its dynamics and predicting its outcomes. It explores four relevant political ideologies and cultures (traditional conservatism, classical liberalism, modern liberalism, and modern conservatism), which together form a complex motivational matrix of which fully informed analysis and prediction must take account. The article illustrates the practical implications of this motivational matrix by reference to the politics of global climate change.


Keywords: ideology; culture; environmental policy; policy making; USA; United States; traditional conservatism; classical liberalism; modern liberalism; modern conservatism; politics; climate change.


DOI: 10.1504/IER.2008.053959


Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, 2008 Vol.10, No.1/2, pp.1 - 32


Available online: 13 May 2013



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